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In grades 9-12, the literature base has two foci: 1) There is alignment where feasible with the Souderton Area High School Career Pathways; and 2) Each student will experience the classics and contemporary works of American literature, world and multicultural literature, and British literature. American literature study in 9th grade provides a firm foundation in techniques of literature analysis and composition. Tenth grade students study British literature. With the completion of ninth and tenth grade language arts courses, students will be prepared for both the Composition and Literature Keystone Exams. The eleventh and twelfth grade quarter course elective program is designed to correspond to the Pathways philosophy and provide students with interest-focused course work delivered through student-centered activities that encourage independent thinking. The secondary language arts program uses McDougal Littell's Language of Literature series along with course specific single title choices. Course materials, skills, and content expectations align with the demands of the Pennsylvania Common Core English Language Arts Standards

The language arts curriculum offers three strands to meet the diverse needs of students.

  • AP Language and Literature presents the highest challenge in literature study. AP Language and Composition presents the highest challenge in the craft of composition. With rare exception, students should avoid taking both language arts AP courses concurrently.
  • The honors courses in grades nine, ten and eleven/twelve present a very high level of challenge in both literature study and language arts skills. Students electing honors work should be prepared for academic rigor and vigorous time demands. These courses are considered pre-AP.
  • Academic courses present a high level of challenge to proficient students. The eleventh and twelfth grade quarter courses are taught at the academic level.
  • Courses listed as English 9, 10, 11, and 12 are designed to support motivated students who have difficulty in language arts.

Performance standards in reading and writing align with the Pennsylvania State Assessment Level 3, which indicates proficiency in both these skills. Students who do not perform to the proficient level need remediation to meet course standards. The English department supports students in reaching proficiency through a team of Intervention Specialists. For detailed information on the state’s assessment of reading and writing including Common Core Standards and Keystone Exams go to, go to

The Pennsylvania General Performance Level Descriptors correlate to a four-point scale as follows:

4 Advanced: In-depth understanding and exemplary display of skills
3 Proficient: A solid understanding and adequate display of skills
2 Basic: Partial understanding and limited display of skills
1 Below Basic: Little understanding and minimal display of skills

Before registering, each student may schedule an individual or group conference with his/her English teacher at which time the program of study and course options will be discussed. Parent/teacher conferences are encouraged, and parents are urged to assist their children with their selections. Please contact your counselor if you need help.

Four primary English courses (9-12) are required for graduation. All primary English courses stress reading, writing, speaking, listening and thinking skills. Note that in addition to the primary English courses, each student is also encouraged to take secondary English electives, which focus on particular English skills.



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