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A successful grounding in social studies is a necessary component in being a citizen in our nation. To that end, Souderton Area High School has required that all students take a minimum of one credit of social studies per school year. Of course, a student may take more than this requirement, and our block scheduling format allows for that possibility. In order to graduate, a student needs to successfully complete two credits of American History and one credit of Global Studies. AP United States History, AP Government and Politics, AP European History, or Modern American History and Government fulfill the second American History credit. The first American History credit comes from successfully completing 9th grade American History.

The wide variety of disciplines within the area of social studies is reflected in the offerings available. The department’s goal is to provide a course catalog that truly does offer a wide range of studies beyond a core of required courses. In addition, the available courses reflect a range of difficulty levels that should allow students to select courses most suited to their academic needs.

Like other departments, a series of paths/tracks is available for a student to follow throughout their social studies experience. These paths utilize much the same categorization as departments such as English.

These students are pursuing an academic course load that will point them to the possibility of future post-high school education. The courses on this path will emphasize the skills and experiences necessary to pursue a post-high school education.

ADVANCED PLACEMENT/HONORS (more information below).
Courses on this track are for the highly motivated student truly interested in social studies. These courses are the most challenging in the social studies catalog.

Courses in this path are designed to meet the needs of students who have had difficulty in earlier social studies courses.

The Social Studies Department has a created a variety of electives available to students in their Junior and senior years. Please be reminded that while elective courses are available for eleventh graders, taking one in that year does not absolve the student from taking the required social studies course (Global Studies).

Taking a social studies elective during your twelfth grade year will meet the requirement of one social studies credit per year.

Students who wish to maximize the number of Advanced Placement and Honors courses in social studies can take advantage of the following path/track. Students who have selected this path are given the opportunity to modify their required course load in social studies. This can be accomplished by the following sequence:

Grade Nine: Honors US History
Grade Ten: Advanced Placement Human Geography
Grade Eleven:

Advanced Placement United States History
Advanced Placement Government and Politics
Advanced Placement European History
AP Economics

Grade Twelve:

Select one of the following:
Advanced Placement Economics
Advanced Placement Government and Politics
Advanced Placement European History
Advanced Placement United States History
Advanced Placement Psychology
One of the senior/junior electives


  1. Students who are not in Honors courses in grades nine and ten are still eligible to take “Advanced Placement” courses. Please examine the individual courses for the pre-requisites involved.
  2. Students who have accomplished the AP/Honors track at the end of the junior year are not required to take an AP course their senior year.
  3. Any “Advanced Placement” course is available to seniors who meet the pre-requisites listed for that course.
  4. Please note that AP courses in the Social Studies Department usually have significant summer assignments that serve as a required portion of the curriculum.

Use the following link for the Course Prerequisite Chart.

Use the links below to read about SAHS's Social Studies courses:


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