College Placement

Of the graduating class of 2012, students pursued either post-secondary education, military training, or technical/trade careers; 54% of students pursued post-secondary education by enrolling in a four year college, 35% enrolling in a two year college/technical/trade school, 1% entered a branch of military service, and 10% of graduates entered the workforce, many in technical/trade careers as a result of training through the Northern Montgomery County Technical Career Center. Students from the class of 2009 will be attending colleges, universities, and technical/trade schools in over 20 different states. Among the schools that this class will be attending are American, Case Western Reserve, Hunter, Johns Hopkins, Kenyon, McDaniel, Occidental, The Citadel, West Point, US Naval Academy, Wellesley, University of St. Andrews (Scotland) and many other private and public universities.