Course Selection

The Course Selection Process is outlined below:

  1. 9-11th Grade students should review the Pathway Manager Web site and Pathway Planning Guides.

  2. Parents/students should discuss Pathway Tracker and Pathway Planning Guides.

  3. For specific information on each department's courses, refer to the HS Program of Studies. Courses and descriptions are also available on Pathway Tracker.

  4. Students will submit course requests through HAC from December 1-7. Students will be unable to change without speaking to their counselor after this date.

  5. 9-10th grade students will meet with counselors in their English classes. 11th grade students will meet during SS classes with AP courses meeting S2 (S1 will meet December 8-19; S2 will meet early February). At these meetings, students and counselors will discuss the course requests they submitted online and Pathway Planning Guides.

  6. The courses that students have chosen in these meetings will be available to review on HAC starting in mid-February. Please remember that scheduling requests is not first-come, first-served. All requests will be entered into the system prior to the creation of the master schedule.

  7. Parents/students can make changes to requests at any time between the time students meet with their counselor and May 1st.

  8. Students will receive their schedules in Mid-May. Students will be able to change their schedules at this point only if they:

    • Were not able to schedule all of their requests
    • Do not meet a prerequisite
    • Have an imbalance in their schedule
    • Want to increase the rigor of their schedule
  • Even if a request is based on the above criteria, it may not be possible.
  • Elective courses are not guaranteed.
  • Requests may not be granted due to class availability.
  • Senior privilege, course placement (unless imbalance of core courses) and teacher request changes cannot be considered.

If you have specific questions, please contact your child's counselor.