Schedule Changes

The high school does not have a Drop /Add period for changing schedules. Students have until May 1st to make any changes to their course requests for the following year.

After May 1st, the course request changes are for corrections only, based on the following criteria:

  1. An inability to schedule a core class (English, SS, Math, Science)
  2. An imbalance in a student's schedule (3 or more core classes in one semester)
  3. A course prerequisite is not met An increase in the rigor of a course is desired.

If a course is to requested to be dropped, it must meet the following criteria

  1. A student may not drop a course in which he/she is appropriately placed (i.e. has met pre-requisites).
    1. All students who seek to drop a course must first meet with the teacher and draft a personal plan for success/improvement in the course.
      1. The student must arrange to receive extra help from the teacher at least once per week.
      2. The student must fully complete all of the homework assignments in the course.
  2. Schedule changes will only be effected at the end of current Marking Period (or pre-determined mid-point).
  3. Extenuating circumstances such as illness, doctor's notes, etc. will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If a course is dropped, a “W” (withdraw) will be indicated on transcript for accuracy.
  4. A student and his parents may choose, with parent permission, to take a grade of Withdraw (W) for the course, which will remain on the student’s permanent transcript. In this case, the above criteria need not be met.

Additionally, schedule change requests for a different teacher or meeting time will not be honored.