Summer School / Tutoring

A student who has failed a required course must take some action for remediation. Students may not remediate a Algebra I, Biology, English 9 and English 10 (Keystone Courses). Students who receive a grade of F- in a course are not eligible for remediation. The maximum number of credits a student may earn in a summer program is two (2). There are four options available.

  1. Attend a summer school program in another school district (e.g., North Penn) or a previously approved alternative summer school program.

  2. Secure 60 hours of private tutoring in the failed subject area by a certified teacher prior to the opening of the next school year andpass the regular final assessment for the course (tutor must be approved by the principal).

  3. Complete a pre-approved correspondence course (arranged through the guidance department).

  4. Repeat the course during the regular school year. If the final grade is an F-, then the student must repeat the course to receive credit.

The Guidance Office will contact students who have failed courses. The counselors will advise them on the options available for their specific situation. A student may also repeat a course they fail.

*Both the failing grade earned and the grade earned in remediation will appear on the student's transcript.

*If a student chooses to repeat a course that he / she has already passed, both grades will appear on the student's transcript.