Interscholastic Athletics: General Philosophy

Athletic programs are not to exploit students to entertain the public, advertise the school, earn money for the school, enhance the professional reputation of the coach, be used as a vehicle to aggrandize certain individual student-athletes, or be considered as a major method for obtaining financial assistance for individual student-athletes from institutions of higher learning.

The interscholastic athletic program should:

  1. Be regarded as an integral part of the total educational program and should be conducted in keeping with the worthiness of the whole educational program.

  2. Supplement rather than serve as substitutes for basic physical education, recreation and intramural programs.

  3. Be subject to the same administrative control as the total educational program.

  4. Be so conducted that the physical welfare and safety of the participants are protected.

  5. Be conducted in accordance with the letter and spirit of the rules and regulations of appropriate conference, state, and national associations to which the school district belongs.

  6. Give authority to the Athletic Director and Coaching Staff to decide team size, playing time and amount of players.