Student-athletes are responsible for any and all equipment (including uniforms and practice clothing) and will be expected to pay for any items that are not returned or which are returned showing excessive wear and abuse. Issued equipment is not to be used for any activity outside of the practices and competitions of the school sport for which the equipment was issued. Except for the day of a game, athletic equipment/clothing should not be worn at school (never in gym class), at home, or for participation outside of school.

It is unfortunate that some people steal, but that does not void responsibility for returning or paying for all that was issued. Be careful with equipment and personal belongings (cash, i-pods, cell phones, etc.) and use a lock on locker at all times. If any equipment is not returned at the conclusion of the season, an obligation will be issued to the student-athlete for the fair cost of a replacement. The student-athlete will not be permitted further athletic or activity participation until the obligation is cleared. It is highly recommended that all personal belongings such as cell phones, i-pods, wallets, etc. be kept with you at all times.