Student-athletes travel to and from contests, away from school, in transportation provided by the school district unless one of the below applies.

  1. Injury to a participant that would require alternate transportation. 
  2. Prior arrangements made in writing between the participant’s parent/guardian and the athletic director. 
    In an effort to be more flexible for our student-athlete families, we will allow parents/guardians to provide transportation for our away games with the following provisions:
    • Student-athletes may not drive themselves or other student-athletes.
    • Parents may only provide transportation for their child; not other student-athletes.
    • Head coaches hold the right to adopt rules that supersede this policy. 
  3. Where school transportation is not provided and alternate means are approved. 
  4. Participation in golf and baseball require travel to an off -campus site for practices and games. It is necessary for us to have your written permission on file.