Suburban One League Spectator Code of Conduct

In the interest of continued good relationships in the field of athletics, all spectators are asked to:

  1. Show their respect for their country by standing attentively and removing hats when the American flag passes by and during the playing and singing of the National Anthem.

  2. Show their respect by standing for the Alma Maters of both schools.

  3. Conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen at all times, showing respect for visiting players and injured athletes, by not booing participants on the playing area and by respecting property.

  4. Show respect for the game officials and refrain from booing their decisions or interfering with the control of the contest.

  5. Recognize that vulgarity and indecent gestures are unacceptable.

  6. Cheer under the organized guidance of the cheerleaders. Cheers to interfere with the opponent’s cheering are unacceptable.

  7. Recognize that noisemakers and signs in any gymnasium or at any indoor contest are unacceptable.

  8. Recognize that littering premises, throwing of confetti or paper, and tossing objects onto the playing area are unacceptable.

  9. Support musical groups for indoor/outdoor activities. However, such groups must be organized, school sponsored and supervised to play only before the games and during half-time.

  10. Food and beverages are to be in designated areas. The gymnasium and pool deck area are not acceptable areas for the consumption of food and beverages.

Suburban One Schools reserve the right to eject any spectators whose conduct is detrimental to good sportsmanship. Misbehavior at sporting events may lead to prosecution or school disciplinary action.