Team Selection

Every coach has the responsibility and authority for selecting his/her team. The criteria for selecting the team are developed by the coach. It is also important to remember that there are no guarantees. Players from previous year’s JV team, for example, do not automatically make either the JV or Varsity team the following year. Having been a member of a team during the previous year or even being a senior does not ensure that a student- athlete will make the team. Parent(s)/guardian(s) should expect that every candidate is treated fairly and given every consideration. Coaches are sensitive to feelings of disappointment, will handle the task as positively as possible, and be available to answer student-athletes’ questions.

While we understand that being cut is disappointing for many student-athletes and even for their parent(s)/guardian(s), we unfortunately cannot keep everyone. Anyone cut from the team is welcome to try out again next season or to try another sport. When parents and student-athletes understand and support the coach’s decision, this difficult process becomes a less painful experience for all.