The Purpose of a Junior Varsity Team

JV teams exist to provide those student- athletes unable to participate on the Varsity level an opportunity to develop skills and gain experience. While the student-athlete’s age, size, or skill level may be the limiting factor for not making the varsity team, participation on a JV team may enhance the student-athlete’s potential to make the varsity team in the future. A caution, however, must also be given. Being a member of a JV team does not guarantee that a student-athlete will automatically move up the following year to the varsity team. The student-athletes best suited for varsity competition will make the squad each year. Striving to win is important in athletics; however, compiling a great record or winning a championship should not be the primary objective of a JV team. The development of student-athletes should be the ultimate purpose of a JV squad while at the same time acknowledging the value of winning, learning, and enjoying being a member of a team. Playing time and rules will be determined by the head coach.