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The Souderton Area High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame recognizes graduates for their outstanding contributions to society through significant career accomplishments and/or community service. The Hall of Fame serves the dual purposes of recognizing such accomplishments and providing role models for current students in the Souderton Area School District.
To qualify for recognition, nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Nominee must have graduated from Souderton Area High School.
  • Nominee must be 35 years or older. Nominee may be recognized posthumously.
  • Nominee must have demonstrated significant achievement in at least one of the following areas:
    Letters and Humanities; Science and Math; Education; Business; and/or a contribution to the health, welfare, or human rights of the local, state, national, or international community.
1997 Inductees H. Theodore Hallman, Class of 1922
Doris Crouthamel Aiken, Class of 1944
Dr. Robert H. Holden, Class of 1965
Dr. Margaret Wilusz, Class of 1966
1999 Inductees Irwin S. Rubin, Class of 1933
Naomi Ruth Reed, Class of 1941
John M. Bergey, Class of 1952
Dr. Richard Diehl, Class of 1958
Judge Stanley R. Ott, Class of 1967
2001 Inductees Charles Allebach, Class of 1938
Donald Hunsberger, Class of 1950
Judge Paul Tressler, Class of 1958
H. Theodore Hallman Jr., Class of 1968
Dennis G. Morral, Class of 1968
2003 Inductees Judge Kent H. Albright, Class of 1950
Dr. Richard Alderfer, Class of 1943
Barbara Fretz Crossette, Class of 1957
Dr. Richard Godshall, Class of 1951
James Maza, Class of 1971
2005 Inductees Sharon Kemmerer, Class of 1974
H. Arden Kinsey, Class of 1942
Teresa Lehman Schooley, Class of 1965
P. Gregory Shelly, Class of 1964
Dr. Ronald Souder, Class of 1965
2007 Inductees Hope deFrenes, Class of 1976
Dr. Andria L. Derstine, Class of 1987
Edward Eskandarian, Class of 1954
Rep. Robert W. Godhsall, Class of 1951
Jamie Moyer, Class of 1981
Dr. Charles J. Stahl III, Class of 1948
2010 Inductees Warren Groff, Class of 1951
Wayne Dennis Krauss, Class of 1959
Merrill Moyer, Class of 1952
Lt. Commander Terry Sullivan, Class of 1963
2012 Inductees

Jeffrey Schissler, Class of 1967
Elvin Souder, Class of 1935
Dr. James L. Bergey, Class of 1963
Judge Larry E. McKeeman, Class of 1967
William G. Morral, Class of 1964

2014 Inductees Dr. Dennis L. Moyer, Class of 1957
Ms. Roberta Hacker, Class of 1963
Dr. Gina (Halteman) Formica, Class of 1981
Colonel Ralph Freed, Class of 1981
Dr. Jeffery S. Diamond, Class of 1985
2016 Inductees Thomas Leidy, Class of 1956
Dr. Stephen Cunnion, Class of 1963
Dr. Elizabeth Eide, Class of 1984
Ms. Jeanine Hays, Class of 1996

To nominate a Souderton graduate for the Alumni Hall of Fame, and for nominating criteria, please download the Alumni Hall of Fame Nomination Form (PDF).


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