Early Dismissals

Students must bring a written request from the parent or guardian to the Attendance Office in order to secure an early dismissal from school. These request notes must contain the student name, grade, and a telephone number for confirmation purposes.

Every attempt should be made by the parents and students to schedule routine medical appointments after school hours. Early dismissals will be categorized excused or unexcused using the criteria contained in the SAHS attendance policy.

To be credited with a full day’s attendance, a student must be in school at least three entire instructional blocks or their equivalent (a block is considered to be 90 minutes long). Students who miss between one and two blocks will be marked absent one half day. Students who miss more than two blocks will be marked absent for a full day. For the purposes of this policy, 11:00 a.m. will be used as day’s “mid-point.” Therefore, if the bulk of a student’s half-day of absence falls before 11:00 a.m., he or she will be marked absent in the a.m.; and conversely for the p.m.

Early dismissals for school-sponsored activities (e.g. prom) will be allowed only after students have completed three (3) instructional blocks.