General Regulations

The rules of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association and any other organizations governing specific activities must be followed in cases of eligibility, transfer, physical examinations, etc. Each sponsor, supervisor, or coach has the responsibility to know, to inform members and parents, and to enforce school and parent organization or PIAA regulations in matters during the activity season. Out of season activity monitoring of regulations is the responsibility of the administration.

No student may quit one sport or activity and turn out for another after the season has started without the consent of both coaches, and/or sponsors and the athletic director.

Participants in athletics and activities must travel to and from contests away from Souderton Area High School in transportation provided by the school. Exceptions may be granted only through parental permission in advance between the coach and/or sponsor, the administration and the student’s parents or guardian.

A display of un-sportsmanlike conduct towards an opponent, official, or other school official, or use of profanity during an activity will result in counseling with the coach or sponsor and possible suspension from the activity with consultation with the principal.

Unexcused absences from scheduled practices, contests, or activities may, after counseling from the coach or sponsor, result in suspension, formal conference with the administration and/or parents or guardian, and possible dismissal from the activity for the remainder of the season.

Violation of the School Discipline Code, which requires administrative action, will be handled in accordance with the provisions of the specific sections of the code.

Theft of or failure to return equipment or school property will exclude a student from participating in a future school activity until all obligations has been met.


  1. Every student who represents the Souderton Area School District in an activity or extracurricular organization is expected to conduct himself/herself in such a manner as to reflect positively upon the Souderton Area.
  2. Every student must remember that he or she is a student first, and a member of an extracurricular organization second. Participation in extra-curricular activities is a privilege granted to a student, not a right guaranteed to them.
  3. Being a member of an extracurricular organization does not entitle any student special privileges in school. Rather, it may carry a burden of being a good school citizen in the face of peer pressure to be a participant in some action that violates school rules. Our students are expected to set examples of good school citizenship and cooperation, which reflect upon them as an individual and upon all students in the Souderton Extra- and Co-Curricular Programs.

Anyone of the following or combination of the following may result in the suspension or removal of a student from an extracurricular organization:

    1. Out of School Behavior: The use of alcohol or other illegal drugs will not be tolerated. Participants in extra and co-curricular activities are expected to avoid the consumption, possession, or distribution of tobacco, alcohol, any illegal substances, controlled substance, anabolic steroids, abuse of prescription drugs or look alike drug / drug paraphernalia whether on or off school property. Students are expected to avoid any affair or activity at which alcohol or any illegal substance is being used or presented with the possible intent of use. Failure to leave such an activity may result in a suspension or removal from the extra or co-curricular organization. 

      Upon conviction, a plea of guilty, determination of the district administration after an administrative investigation, or a plea of no contest to the consumption, possession, or distribution of tobacco, alcohol, any illegal substances, controlled substance, anabolic steroids, abuse of prescription drugs or look alike drug paraphernalia within 90 days prior to the beginning of the season (for seasonal activities) or during the season will result in the following consequences:
      • First-time offense will result in the suspension for 3 weeks.
      • Second offense (within your four years of high school) will result in a suspension for 6 weeks.
      • Third offense (within your four years of high school) will result in the revocation of the privilege to participate in any Souderton Area High School extra or co-curricular activity.
    2. Any student who has been charged with a crime committed on or off school property, which constitutes a summary offense, misdemeanor or felony may be suspended from participation or dismissed from the extracurricular organization by the administration while awaiting the outcome of administrative or legal proceedings. The suspension may last the duration of the entire school year. Upon conviction of a felony or misdemeanor the student is denied participation or is removed from the extracurricular organization.
    1. Suspension from school for three (3) or more days for any reason within 90 days prior to the start of the extracurricular activity or during the organization’s season will require that the student submit a written request to the building principal for review before the student may continue participation in the organization.
    1. The advisor of each extracurricular organization may establish additional rules and procedures which he/she expect his/her extracurricular organization members to follow. The advisor may also establish disciplinary action for breach of these rules or procedures.
    1. The Building Principal, as stated in the student handbook, may deem students who continually violate school policy ineligible for extracurricular activities.

Note: During a suspension from an extracurricular organization, (or if the student is removed from the organization) the student may not have any contact with the organization unless specifically approved by the building principal.