Preliminary Requirements

Prior to participation in any practice or contest, the following requirements must be met:

  • The student must satisfy all P.I.A.A. age, residency, attendance and scholastic requirements.
  • The student must have passed a physical exam and given to the coach the proper form, signed by the examining physician.
  • The student must have given to the coach a permission card signed by the parent/guardian.
  • The student must have purchased school insurance or presented a signed parental waiver of responsibility.
  • The student must satisfy all rules and regulations as set forth by the Souderton Area School District, Souderton Area High School, and the Suburban I League.

The school administration may revoke the privilege of participating in athletics at any time for disciplinary reasons, flagrant misconduct or poor sportsmanship, excessive absenteeism, and the failure to meet minimum scholastic eligibility standards. P.I.A.A. eligibility rules govern all interscholastic sports and include such regulations as:

  • The principal and the athletic director shall have the power to exclude any contestant who, because of improper conduct, would not represent the school in a becoming manner.

Improper conduct includes among other offenses, appropriation of athletic equipment or supplies issued by high school authorities of that or other schools which may be hosts to Souderton High School, defacing of school property, language or behavior unbecoming a school athlete.