Guidance Information Related to COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic having a significant impact on high school students, the SAHS Guidance Department would like to share important information.  Please see the links below:
Alison Kircher: 9th A-E; 10th A-Fe
Nikki Trout: 9th F-K; 10th Fi-Le
Claudia LaMarca: 9th L-Ri; 10th M-Ro
Dan Glatts: 9th Ro-Z; 10th Ru-Z
Tom Overberger: 11th A-Ga; 12th A-E
Dan Barber: 11th Ge-L; 12th F-La
Laura Baranek: 11th M-R; 12th Le-Rh
Tim Brown: 11th S-Z; 12th Ri-Z
Mike Darcy: Career Counselor