Online Academy Student Schedules & Course Change Requests

For 9-12 SAOA (Souderton Area Online Academy) Parents 

Now that high school class schedules are viewable in Home Access Center, please take a moment to review the procedures listed below regarding potential schedule changes:

  1. HAC Student Schedules:
    1. Parents will be able to view schedules for in-person classes and SAOA classes
    2. Virtual classes are listed with OA or SAOA as their block and classroom location
    3. If your student selected to be online for the 1st Semester, they will have a blended schedule of SAOA classes in the 1st Semester and in-person classes in the 2nd Semester
    4. Any empty blocks in your student’s schedule will be filled with a Study Hall or Senior Privilege prior to the start of school
  1. Classes and schedules can only be changed for the following reasons:
    1. Student was unable to schedule a core class
    2. Student did not meet a course prerequisite
    3. Student wants to increase rigor of schedule
  1. Students must complete and submit the Schedule Change Google Form if they wish to change a class based on the above guidelines:
    1. SAHS Schedule Change Request Form
    2. Please submit this form by Monday, September 7th
    3. High school counselors will schedule appointments and call students down to their offices during the first 2 weeks of school to discuss these requests
    4. Students should not go to the Guidance Office during the first week of school to request a schedule change. They will only be able to meet with their counselor by appointment.
  1. High school counselor assignments have changed since last year. Please access the SAHS Web site to view current counselor assignments for the upcoming school year.
    1. Due to staffing changes there will no longer be a single counselor for all SAOA students
    2. All counselors will manage a mix of in-person and SAOA students

Recent changes in the school calendar and attempting to blend in-person and online schedules has been a challenge, but our school staff has been working tirelessly to accommodate as many schedule requests as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we finalize SAOA course schedules.