SAOA 2nd Semester Live Learning

Please review the 3rd Marking Period SAOA Live Learning Schedule in preparation for the start of the new Marking Period/Semester on Monday, February 1st. February 1st will be an A Day. The Live Learning Schedule will begin on February 1st.

Due to limited enrollment, some 2nd Semester/year-long courses will be taught virtually by Brandywine Virtual Academy (BVA). Below are additional details about BVA courses:
  • Mostly asynchronous learning, but students earn equivalent academic credit and weighted grades
  • Not taught by SAHS teachers
  • SAOA live learning expectations and the high school’s online schedule of instruction do not apply to BVA courses
  • Counselors will enroll students in these courses and students will receive a BVA enrollment e-mail with additional details in the near future
Please contact your student’s school counselor if you have questions about either the new live learning schedule, or Brandywine Virtual Academy courses.