Keystone Exams, Spring 2021

In compliance with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) requires all public school districts in the Commonwealth to administer Keystone Exams in Algebra I, Biology, and Literature. All testing, including for SAOA students, must occur in-person, and schools are expected to make a good faith effort to test all eligible students within the parameters of local health and safety plans.

The students enrolled in the following courses during the 2020-2021 school year will be rostered to test during our spring test dates.

 Course  Keystone Exam  Test Dates
 1 and 2  Algebra 1  Algebra 1  May 20 and 21
 1 and 2  Biology  Biology  May 25 and 26
 2  English 10  Literature  May 17 and 18

*Students who were in a Keystone course (Algebra I, Biology, English 10) during the 2019-2020 school year and passed the course, DO NOT need to retake a Keystone Exam in the subject they passed. For example, if a student had Algebra 1 in 9th grade and either did not take the test or did not score at the Proficient level, but the student passed the SAHS class, he/she is considered Proficient. That student does not need to take or retake the Algebra Keystone.

*Scoring Proficient on the exams is a graduation requirement for students currently in 9th and 10th grade.  If students do not take the exams, they will have to do something else to graduate.  The Commonwealth just released information on the "something else" in the last two weeks.  We are still awaiting clarification on specific guidelines.

Students who have taken a Keystone before and did not score proficient will also be rostered to retest in the appropriate Keystone Exam during the spring test dates.

Additional information will be forthcoming to those students who will be rostered to test.

Students who are not testing will not need to report to school until after testing (11:08 AM).

Use the following link for additional information regarding Keystone Exams.