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Parking for Juniors and Seniors (2024-2025)

On Monday, June 24, at 8 AM, Souderton Area High School student parking sticker sales will open.  At that time, please visit the Students > Parking page of the SAHS Web site to purchase a student parking sticker online.  Once a spot is purchased, it will be timestamped, and a spot will be reserved.  The online sales link will remain open until all parking spots are filled (typically in the spring).  Only juniors and seniors may drive to Souderton Area High School.  Freshmen and sophomores are not permitted to drive.

The bus waiver option for a reduced parking spot price is available until Friday, July 26.  After July 26, bus schedules will be set in place.  The waiver option will no longer be permitted and all spots will be full price.

Parking tags may begin to be picked up at our main office on Monday, August 5th.  Once purchased on-line, you have a spot – there is no reason to rush to pick up your tag on August 5th unless you choose to do so since your spot is secure.  There is no need to return home from vacation or send someone to pick up your spot.  The hours for pick up throughout the summer (August 5th – August 23) will be 8:30 AM – 11:00 AM and 1:00 – 3:00 PM - Monday through Thursday.  Once school begins, parking permits may be picked up in the 2nd Floor Student Services Office.  Again, there is no reason to line up or rush to get a parking tag on August 5th – the spot is recorded once you purchase on-line.  Please come at your convenience throughout the rest of the summer.  You must have a valid driver’s license at the time of pick up.  A learner’s permit will not suffice.  All obligations (tickets from the previous year, outstanding books returned, no outstanding discipline, etc.) in order to pick up your parking tag.

Please review all SAHS parking rules.  Failure to comply with rules may result in parking tickets and/or driving suspension or revocation.

For specific questions, please e-mail with any other questions.