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Welcome to the Souderton Area High School. We are fortunate to have an exceptional student body whose parents support their endeavors in academics, athletics and the arts. Our curriculum is rich and is driven by high standards. All students are expected to learn challenging material and to perform complex tasks throughout their high school careers.

Technology abounds, with Promethean Boards in every room, numerous computer labs, a television studio, two multimedia labs and a CAD lab.

Souderton Area High School teachers are committed to providing students with the best possible instruction. Because not all students learn in the same way, our teachers strive to vary their instructional methods to reach every student. They also utilize a variety of assessment techniques to provide students with multiple opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. We are proud of our school and of our students. They are fine examples of what is right about today's youth.

To make more support available to all of our students, we have arranged our counseling and administrative assignments into student support teams. We will have a 9-10 Student Support Team, focused on transitioning students into the high school, and an 11-12 Student Support Team, focused on helping students plan for their transition beyond the walls of Souderton Area High School. The teams will be as follows:

Student Support Team 9-10:

  • Mr. Klimovich (Assistant Principal)
  • Mrs. Noga (Assistant Principal)
  • Mr. Glatts (School Counselor)
  • Mrs. Kircher (School Counselor)
  • Mrs. Trout (School Counselor)
  • Mr. McKeever (School Counselor)

Student Support Team 11-12:

  • Dr. Coddington (Assistant Principal)
  • Mr. Haines (Assistant Principal)
  • Mr. Overberger (School Counselor)
  • Mrs. Hardgrove (School Counselor)
  • Mr. Brown (School Counselor)