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Graduation Requirements

Because fulfillment of requirements cannot be determined until all final grades are complete, the designation of the diploma will be determined after graduation. Souderton Area High School believes that the transcript that students build in attempt to earn a Pathway or Scholars Diploma will make them the most competitive graduates.

Diploma  Pathway
(see requirements for each Pathway)
4 English 4 English 4 English
4 Social Studies 4 Social Studies 4 Social Studies
4 Math 4 Math 4 Math
4 Science 4 Science 4 Science
2 Wellness (PE/Health) 2 Wellness (PE/Health) 2 Wellness (PE/Health)
1 Arts/Design 1 Arts/Design 1 Arts/Design
.5 Career Exploration
.5 Personal Finance
.5 Career Exploration
.5 Personal Finance
.5 Career Exploration
.5 Personal Finance
1 Computer Technology 1 Computer Technology (different options for each Pathway) 1 Computer Technology
  1–3 World Language (Level II Minimum) (depending on Pathway)  
.5 Grad Project .5 Grad Project .5 Grad Project
  .5 Real-World Experience .5 Real-World Experience
6.5 Credits Electives 4.0-6.0 Credits Electives (depending on Pathway) 7.0 Credits Electives

Must Have:

  • Distinguished on Grad. Project in Pathway
  • NMTCC Industry Certification (NMTCC students only)
  • Minimum GPA of 2.88 (B-)
  • 1 Credit AP/Dual Credit (or Proficient on NOCTI for NMTCC)

Must Have:

  • Advanced Performing (Honors) or Fine Arts or World Language (Level IV)
  • Advanced on the NOCTI (NMTCC only)
  • 5 College-Level (AP/Dual Enrollment) across 3 subjects
  • Distinguished on Grad. Project
  • 4 or better on 2 APs in Junior Year
  • 3.85 GPA

28 Credits

29 Credits

29 Credits


Additional Requirements per Act 158 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the Class of 2023 and Beyond

Class of 2023 Graduation Requirements Act 158

Ways to Satisfy PA Graduation Requirements

Per Act 158, students must meet the state’s graduation requirements. Use the following link for more information about Act 158.


Requirements of Pathway 360 

In addition to earning 4 credits in math, social studies, science, and English, each of the Pathway 360 options has specific course requirements and choices in Career Electives determined by the student’s career interest. Student’s earning a Pathway Diploma would also need to complete a field experience (e.g., internship).

Health & Human Services

Arts & Humanities

Industrial & Engineering Technologies

Business & Communication Technologies