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Blended Learning Guidelines

Students may take courses only through the Souderton Area Virtual Academy (SAVA) in addition to courses within the regular high school schedule to earn credits toward graduation requirements.

  • Students may earn one (1) core SAVA credit toward SAHS graduation. Students may not earn this core credit in any Keystone Exam course (i.e., Algebra I, Biology, and English 10).
  • Students may earn up to two (2) SAVA credits toward elective SAHS graduation requirements. Students must take Personal Finance and Career Exploration at SAHS.
  • Blended learning courses that are also offered at SAHS must be taken at the student's parent's/guardian's expense.
  • Blended learning credits count toward a student's Quality Points.
  • SAVA courses will be transcripted as Souderton courses. Courses appear as SAVA-COURSE NAME.
  • Scheduling protocol
    • Students must proceed through course selection, selecting SAHS courses to satisfy their graduation requirements.
    • After the Master Schedule is established, with pre-approval from their counselor, students may register for SAVA courses according to the guidelines above.
    • Students registering in SAVA courses may not impact SAHS sectioning/scheduling decision.
  • Special consideration
    • Blended learning students may obtain a permanent pass to the Library or other supervised computer lab where they may work on their SAVA course work.