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AP Composition Pre-course Reading List/Assignment

This summer assignment is designed to introduce you to elements of rhetoric that will be addressed in Advanced Placement Language and Composition. Starting the course with a cursory understanding of such elements will enhance your experience and overall appreciation for how communication is crafted visually and through the written word. This assignment will also prepare you for AP Language and Composition’s rigorous and demanding curriculum. It will mark the first impression you will make on your teacher. Give the assignment the attention and detail that it warrants. 
Please use the following links for:

 The assignment for both books is due at the beginning of class on the first day of the semester in which you are taking the course. All work must be typed on the document and completed in MLA format. All passages should be cited using page numbers.
By the start of class on the FIRST DAY OF THE SEMESTER, be sure to submit your work to the Summer Reading Assignment link on your class’ Schoology page by 11:59 p.m. 
This 100-point assignment is worth 10 percent of your 1st/3rd marking period grade. Late work will not be accepted.