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The philosophy of the Souderton High School Guidance Program is a strategic component of the Souderton Area School District's mission statement which is...

To prepare students to demonstrate competencies needed to contribute and to succeed in a changing world by building on a commitment to excellence and innovation, by working in partnership with family and community, and by assuring a quality education for all students in a safe and nurturing environment.

The High School Guidance Department aims to assist students in receiving the most realistic benefit from the educational programs offered by the school district. The High School Guidance Counselors recognize the importance of students being emotionally prepared to learn and being placed into a program compatible with their educational needs. To ensure these benefits, counselors work not only with students, but with those who have influence in the students' lives, including peers, parents, teachers, administrators, and outside agencies.

Guidance services are recognized as an integral part of the total educational program. The counselors strive to meet the needs of students within the structure of the educational system and community. To accomplish this, the counselors must identify needs, establish common goals, and mobilize all of the available resources of the parties involved.

Guidance Department Goals

  • To encourage students in decision making skills that will permit them to exercise independence and responsibility of action in recognizing and selecting from among viable alternatives.
  • To assist students in the development of self-understanding based upon an accurate and unbiased assessment of their individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • To advocate changes in the educational program that will better serve the needs of students in the district.
  • To develop understanding within the educational community of student needs and strategies for responding to those needs.
  • To assure a counseling staff that is competent, up-to-date in both information and technique, and available to meet the needs of students, staff and community.
  • To provide information to the community and the school describing the role and function of the guidance department.
  • To challenge students to make the maximum use of their potential in taking advantage of the programs and services available through the school district.
  • To coordinate the efforts of students, staff, and parents in the understanding of developmental issues and aiding in the transition from childhood to adulthood.