To be eligible to participate in activities and/or athletics, a student-athlete may not be failing any classes. All student-athletes must be taking a minimum of two classes to be eligible. Eligibility is examined weekly and will be determined on Friday at 4:00 PM. Ineligible student-athletes are not permitted to participate in any practice or contest, beginning the following Monday through the following Sunday, or until eligibility is approved by the principal. Only work evaluated and recorded by the teacher is factored into the Friday afternoon eligibility calculation. For example, if a student-athlete participates in an exam late in the day on a Thursday, it may or may not be evaluated to effect the eligibility calculation on Friday afternoon. If a student-athlete is declared ineligible at the end of a marking period or semester, then he/she is ineligible for a period of fifteen (15) school days.

Attendance Requirements* 
Participation in a school-sponsored sport requires that the student-athlete must be in attendance at school on the day of the event. To be considered in attendance, the student-athlete cannot miss more than 90 minutes of the school day. The student-athlete must be signed in by the attendance office no later than 9:10 AM to fulfill this attendance requirement. A doctor's note will not be accepted as an exception to the 90-minute rule.

Student-athletes with appointments during the school day should plan accordingly and make every effort to miss no more than 90 minutes of the school day. School days with modified schedule (PSSA, PSAT, etc.) will follow the 90-minute rule from the beginning of the day (7:40 AM). Seniors who are allowed to report later on these days will follow the 90-minute rule from their adjusted schedule.

The student-athlete must be in attendance the day before a holiday if the event falls on a holiday or the following day. Exceptions to this procedure may be presented to the athletic director for review on a case-by- case basis. Whenever possible, pre-approval for an absence from school on a school sponsored sport day should be requested in writing and given to the athletic director. Student-athletes who owe obligations or student-athletes experiencing academic difficulty may be denied the privilege to participate in any co-curricular activity/sport.

Student-athletes are not permitted to remain in the building after school unless under the direct supervision of a teacher, coach, or "adult in charge" of an after-school activity/sport.

*Student-athletes which are deemed ineligible for either academic or attendance reasons may not participate in practice or games.

Lateness Policy

a. 7 unexcused latenesses to school during a sport season = 1 week athletic suspension

b. 10 unexcused latenesses to school during a sport season = 2 week athletic suspension

c. 12 unexcused latenesses to school during a sport season = removal from team

January Graduation
Seniors graduating in January may complete the winter season but may not compete in the spring athletic season.