P.I.A.A. Bylaws

Section 1
To be eligible for interscholastic athletic competition, a pupil must pursue a curriculum defined and approved by the principal as a full-time curriculum. Where required, this curriculum or its equivalent must be approved by, and conform to, the regulations of the State Board of Education and the Pennsylvania School Code, as well as any local policies established by the local school board. The pupil must maintain an acceptable grade in such approved curriculum, and may not be failing two (2) or more full credit subject, or equivalent as certified by the principal. In addition to be eligible to participate in activities and/or athletics a student must be passing five (5) full-credit subjects, or their equivalent. With the inception of “intensive scheduling” two (2) full credit subjects per marking period is the equivalent of the P.I.A.A. regulation. Except as provided in Section 5, eligibility shall be cumulative from the beginning of a grading period, and shall be reported on a weekly basis. In cases where a student's cumulative work from the beginning of the grading period does not, as of any Friday, meet the standards provided for in this section, he shall be ineligible from the immediate following Monday through the next following Monday.

Section 2
In order to be eligible for inter- scholastic athletics, a pupil cannot fail two (2) or more subjects, or the equivalent, during the previous grading period except as provided in Section 5. Back work may be made up, providing it is in accordance with the regular rules of the school.

Section 3
In cases where a student's work in any preceding grading period does not meet the standard provided for in (this article) Section 2, said student shall be ineligible to participate in interscholastic athletics for the first twenty (20) school days of the next grading period, except as provided in Section 5.

Section 4
Pupils who are enrolled for the first time must comply with the requirements of the curriculum rules. The standing required for the preceding week, the preceding grading period or the preceding year shall be obtained from the records of the last school which the pupil attended.

Section 5
At the end of the school year, the student's final grades and credits in his/her subjects rather than his/her grades and credits for the last grading period shall be used to determine his/her eligibility for the next grading period.