Drug and Alcohol Policy

The Souderton Area School Board recognizes that the use and/or abuse of drugs, alcohol, and/or mood altering substances by members of its school population is a serious problem with legal, physical, and social implications.

Through the use of curriculum and classroom activities, community resources, administrative and faculty efforts, rehabilitative and disciplinary procedures, the Souderton Area School District will work in a consistent manner to educate, prevent, and intervene in the use and/or abuse of all drug, alcohol, and mood altering substances by members of the entire school population.

Students are prohibited from knowingly possessing, using, distributing, manufacturing, or being under the influence of any controlled substance and/or alcoholic beverage while on school district property during the school day as well as at any school sponsored activity, function or event, or while on any vehicle used to transport students. Also prohibited is the promotion, distribution or possession of any drug paraphernalia and/or drug look-alike.

No person shall, for the purpose of causing a condition of intoxication, inebriation, excitement, stupefaction, or the dulling of his brain or nervous system, intentionally smell or inhale the fumes from any substance containing a solvent having the property or releasing toxic vapors or fumes.

Students in violation of the Drug and Alcohol Policy may be referred to the Student Assistance Program, in the discretion of school employees.