Class Tardiness

It is a student’s responsibility to be on time and in their seats at the beginning of each class. Any tardiness of more than five (5) minutes is considered a class cut.

There are only two (2) excusable reasons for tardiness to class: 1. being detained by a teacher or an administrator, and 2. an emergency requiring immediate attention. If a teacher or an administrator has detained you, he or she must sign a pass before you return to class. In the event of an emergency, students should report to the office before returning to class.

Any student who is tardy to class for reasons other than those listed above shall be considered in violation of school regulations.

Teachers are responsible for informing students of each lateness. Upon the third (3) lateness to class, the student will be assigned a teacher detention. The fourth (4) and subsequent infractions should be referred to the appropriate assistant principal.