Driving / Parking

The school laws of Pennsylvania give the school the right to regulate the use of the motor vehicles during school hours. Since the school district provides transportation for all students, student driving is considered a privilege extended to those deemed responsible.

Any Junior or Senior wishing to drive to school shall submit an application to the Student Services Office in the manner prescribed by the assistant principal. Because of the limited number of parking spaces, not all students who submit an application will be given parking privileges. Freshmen and sophomores are not permitted to drive to school under any circumstances.

Students receiving parking privileges must register every vehicle they drive to school. Students must furnish a valid driver’s license and current vehicle registration(s) to receive a parking decal for the vehicle(s). The charge for each parking spot is $125.00. Students may waive their seat on a bus and pay a reduced fee for parking; however, this must be completed before a predetermined calendar date. Decals must be affixed to the inside, bottom right hand corner of the windshield of the registered vehicle(s). Parking decals are non-transferable. Giving or transferring a parking decal to another student will result in the denial of parking privileges and a fine of $25. Cars with laminated, taped-on or improperly affixed stickers are subject to being ticketed. Such an offense may lead to the revocation of parking privileges. To purchase a sticker for a new vehicle or new windshield, the student must hand in the old sticker. If the old sticker was destroyed in an accident, the student must supply proof of the damage. Only a police report or a report from the repair garage will be accepted.

Students driving to school must follow all regulations of the school and Motor Vehicle Code of Pennsylvania. Failure to do so will result in the loss of parking privileges. Depending upon the nature of the violation, there may be other disciplinary consequences.

Students driving to school are not permitted to use their car (whether parked on school property or not) during the school day without expressed permission from the office and their parents. Students are not permitted to drive other student(s) to North Montco Technical Career Center without permission.

Students are not permitted to go to any of the student parking lots during the school day, except when permission to do so has been obtained from the Student Services Office or security.

Students are not permitted to drive through the Halteman gate entrance / exit. Only parents dropping off students are permitted. Failure to follow this rule will result in a suspension of driving privileges.

Students with outstanding obligations will not be permitted to purchase a parking tag until all outstanding obligations have been rectified.

Cars parked on school property illegally or without authorization, are subject to fine and/or will be booted. The boot will be removed at the driver’s expense. The fine or fee for removal is $15.00.

Students, who damage or attempt to remove a boot will lose parking privileges, and be required to make restitution, and be suspended from school.

The fee structure for parking violations is as follows:

  • 1st offense $10.00
  • 2nd offense $15.00
  • 3rd offense - Privileges may be revoked
  • Boot Removal $15.00

Unpaid parking tickets will be held as obligations. All obligations (cafeteria balance, detentions, lost books, etc.) must be rectified before purchasing a parking pass.

Students driving to school should also be aware that school attendance laws of Pennsylvania do not consider impassable roads or a disabled vehicle as a valid excuse for being absent or late. In addition, please note that parking is a privilege subject to revocation for violation of school policies and procedures.

  • 8 unexcused tardies = 1 week driving suspension
  • 10 unexcused tardies = 2 week driving suspension
  • 12 unexcused tardies= suspension of driving privileges for remainder of the school year