Family / Educational Trips

All FAMILY AND EDUCATIONAL TRIPS with a family member or guardian must have prior approval of the grade level Assistant Principal. Please state the student’s name and grade in the request. Approval may be granted for requests for educational trips to a maximum of ten (10) school days per year. The Superintendent will review exceptions on a case-by-case basis. It is the student’s responsibility to acquire assignments from each of his/her teachers prior to leaving on the trip (see Procedures for Make-Up Work). Educational/Family trips for juniors will not be excused during PSSA testing days.

    • Students in the 11th and 12th grades may be excused for three COLLEGE VISITATIONS provided that they present the Attendance Office with a note from their parent/guardian requesting permission for the visit. This request must be on file prior to the visit and must indicate the name of the post-secondary school they are visiting. If the above procedure is not followed, the absence will be unexcused unless the student provides verification from the school visited, including time and date of their presence.
    • Upon written parental request, and with approval of the principal, a pupil may be excused during school hours for the purpose of receiving tutorial instruction in a field not offered in the District’s curricula only if the following requirements are met:
      • The excusal does not preclude satisfactory completion of pupil’s regular program of study.
      • The District Superintendent approves the qualifications of the instructor.
      • Any additional conditions for excusal that are deemed reasonable within the sound discretion of the Superintendent.
    • Those children who are less than eight (8) years of age or older than seventeen (17) years of age are not subject to compulsory school attendance requirements.
    • If a student ‘s number of absences reaches 10% of the days school has been in session, the parents/guardians will be notified that the absences are becoming excessive. Further absences may result in notification that the student will be required to furnish a doctor’s note for any days absent from that point on. Absence not covered by a doctor’s note will be charged as unexcused or unlawful (if under 17) and will be used in filing a citation with the magistrate. An administrative meeting can be requested to appeal this decision within ten (10) school days of the receipt of this letter.
    • A doctor’s excuse may also be required for each single period of absence exceeding three (3) consecutive days.
    • In cases of excessive tardiness or early dismissals, a letter may be sent to the parent(s)/ guardian(s) indicating that the student will be required to furnish a doctor’s note for any days absent, tardy, and/or dismissed early from that point. Tardies and early dismissals may accumulate towards unlawful/unexcused days of absence. Absence not covered by a doctor’s note will be charged as unexcused or unlawful (if under 17).
  • In some cases, chronic illness may result in excessive absence from school. As these situations arise, in order to ensure consistency of care, the school nurse may request permission to communicate with a student’s physician.