Lockers are the property of the School District. Students should expect no rights of privacy in regards to their lockers. Administrators may search a locker at any time.

Each student will be assigned a hall locker and a gym locker. Outerwear (coats/jackets) and backpacks are to be stored in the locker during the school day. Valuables or large sums of money should not be stored in student lockers. Students should not enter another student’s locker for any reason. Going to your locker is not a valid reason for being late to school or class. Students are responsible for maintaining their lockers, as well as reporting immediately to the Student Services Office any damage or malfunction pertaining to their assigned lockers. Students should not share their lockers with other students. Students are responsible for the contents of their assigned locker. Any damage to lockers will result in the restitution of the locker by the offending student.